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Move Minnesota Action is committed to building the grassroots and political power necessary to transform transit.

Launched in 2021 by Move Minnesota, we are growing our movement through effective organizing, issue education, and electoral advocacy in Minnesota.

Transit is Essential

In Minnesota, we need transit to serve all of us really well. Because every family deserves access to jobs, food, housing, health care, clean air, and education. Every community deserves justice and wellbeing.

Whether you ride the bus yourself or you rely on someone who does, transit is an essential public service and critical tool in the fight against climate change. Our daily lives and our collective future depend on it.

  • 40%of transit riders in Minnesota are essential workers
  • 44%of riders are Black, Indigenous or people of color
  • 47%of riders don’t have access to a vehicle
  • 27%of climate pollution in Minnesota comes from transportation
  • 94%of jobs in the metro are not accessible to transit riders in under 45 minutes
  • 91%of communities of color in Minnesota face air pollution levels that risk people’s health

Transit is Political

We can’t let politics-as-usual stand in the way of transit progress. The transit champions we have need our support–and we need a lot more of them! Every elected official in Minnesota should be a champion for transit and transit riders.

  • In 2023, Move Minnesota Action, advocates, and elected allies at the State Capitol achieved historic wins for public transit. The Minnesota State Legislature passed long-term dedicated funding to transform public transit service throughout the Twin Cities metro, full funding for Northern Lights Express passenger rail, essential resources for Greater Minnesota transit, nation-leading policy changes for transit and climate justice, and ongoing investments in new bicycling, walking, and rolling connections!
  • Elections and organizing matter. This victory is more than a decade in the making and a dramatic turnaround from just two years earlier, when 62 sitting Minnesota House members–including more than a dozen representatives in the Twin Cities metro–voted against sustainable funding for public transit. Meanwhile, other critical choices like whether to expand a highway or approve a new bus lane often come down to the important decision-making power of city and county officials.
  • Now, we have to make sure the potential in this legislation is realized in our streets, in our communities, and on our buses and trains. We have to shore up our transit champions and protect these wins. And from bus lanes to brand new routes, we have to be ready for the fights and opportunities still to come.

What’s Possible

Move Minnesota Action is working toward a just, joyful, and sustainable future where:

  • Transit, biking, and walking are the best and easiest ways of getting around.
  • Policies at every level of government support transit and riders.
  • Transit systems in Minnesota have the resources needed to serve all of us really well.
  • Expanding and improving transit is a top priority for every elected official in Minnesota.
  • Transit’s links to racial justice, climate action, economic prosperity, gender justice, and accessibility are widely recognized and valued.
  • Our transportation systems protect our air and climate and connect our communities. Our families are happy, healthy, and thriving—no exceptions.

We can achieve this together—by fighting for the transit we need, getting out the vote, cultivating champions, and bringing our pro-transit voices into the political process. Let’s go!

Get Involved!

Move Minnesota Action volunteers

Join Our Volunteer Team

Make a difference as a Move Minnesota Action volunteer! Our amazing volunteers and organizing staff are working together to mobilize bus riders, connect with local communities through fun events, get out the vote, and elect more transit champions to public office. We’d love your help!

Take Action!

Metro Transit bus outside the Minnesota State Capitol

Tell state lawmakers to protect transit and climate in the transportation bill!

With your help, we are making critical progress on transit and climate this legislative session. But that progress is at risk with big votes on the transportation bill still ahead in May. Help us resist attempts to chip away at Minnesota’s climate progress and stop efforts to limit the potential of last year’s transit sales tax victory. Contact your legislators now.

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Get to know us a little better. Check out answers to some of the most common questions about Move Minnesota Action.

What is the difference between Move Minnesota Action and its parent organization Move Minnesota?

Move Minnesota is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are leaders in the movement for equitable and sustainable transportation that puts people first. Through advocacy, organizing, policy change, and education, we connect people to transit where the system works well, and fight hard to ensure it works for everyone.

Move Minnesota Action is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization launched by Move Minnesota in 2021 to bring even more tools and momentum to this movement. We can do some things Move Minnesota cannot—including endorse candidates, unlimited lobbying to pass important transit legislation, and other political activities.

How is Move Minnesota Action funded?

Contributions from individual donors power our work at Move Minnesota Action. Please give generously!

Are contributions to Move Minnesota Action tax deductible?

Contributions to Move Minnesota Action will help grow our grassroots movement and create a better future, but they are not tax deductible. To make a tax-deductible donation, give to Move Minnesota. For any questions about making a donation, please contact Elissa Schufman at or 651-789-1415.

What is your endorsement process this year?

Move Minnesota Action proudly endorses transit champions running for office each election season! In 2024, we are endorsing in Minnesota House races only. We will make rolling announcements highlighting endorsed candidates in the months leading up to Election Day. Our earliest endorsements this year are candidates who have authored our defining bills and shown key leadership on our organizational initiatives in this historic moment for transit and climate action. All other candidates seeking Move Minnesota Action’s endorsement should contact for a copy of our 2024 Candidate Questionnaire. Candidates must complete the questionnaire to be eligible for endorsement.

Who are Move Minnesota Action’s staff and board leadership?

Staff Leadership:

  • Sam Rockwell, Executive Director
  • Jennifer Harmening Thiede, Director of Communications
  • Nas Nourkadi, Community Organizer
  • Elissa Schufman, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Board Leadership:

  • Angela Peterson, Board Chair
  • Alex Tsatsoulis, Treasurer
  • Alma Flores
  • Alyssa Keil
  • Darwin Yasis

Can I see Move Minnesota Action’s 990 form?

Of course! We post our most recent 990 online for easy access. You can review it here.