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Tell Sen. Dibble to fight for transit!

As our state’s leaders try to reconcile the transportation bills as part of the conference committee process, Senator Scott Dibble is under enormous pressure to make backroom deals that would cut tens of millions of dollars from proposed transit funding, and give it to roads instead.

That’s unacceptable. Our communities and our climate need us to invest in transit, not in expanding climate-polluting car infrastructure.

Senator Dibble has been a champion for transit at the Capitol, but he needs to hear from you today that staying strong on transit is a priority—before the 3 p.m. conference committee meeting, where these decisions become final.

Please take action below AND call his office at 651-296-4191 to leave a short voicemail.

Here’s a short script: My name is [name] and I live at [address]. As your constituent, Senator Dibble, I am asking that you do not give away funding that’s already slated for transit. Please protect our climate, our communities, and our future through a 3/4 cent Metro sales tax, with 5/6th dedicated to transit. As the leader of the Senate Transportation Committee with a history as a transit champion in the legislature, I ask that you continue to be that champion. Thank you.