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Make sure the transportation bills include transformative funding for transit!

This session, our state legislators have seized the opportunity to pass bold policies that will have tremendous positive impacts for generations to come. But we can’t rest on this historic session until our state leaders come together for transformative transit funding

Right now — today! — key lawmakers from the House and the Senate are meeting in conference committee to make final decisions about what to keep and what to cut in the transportation bill. And they (along with the Governor!) need to hear from us!

Last month, the House passed a comprehensive transportation bill that would be a game-changer for our collective prosperity, public health and climate stability. It includes key provisions to get us the right level of long-term dedicated funding for transit, meet greenhouse gas emission targets, and much more.

But the Senate passed a version of the bill that doesn’t go far enough to meet our needs, impeding our ability to grow and maintain a safe, fast and reliable transit system that works for everyone. 

We have strong champions at the capitol, but they need to hear us cheering them on in these final days to ensure we get the immediate and meaningful progress we need this session!

Your message to state leaders, including the Governor, will make a big difference!